Depression can have a variety of causes that can range from simple to severe. But the good thing is that in most cases, it can be controlled and overcome. If you are having “the blues,” there are different means of coping with it without the need to see a specialist or get medical attention.

Practical solutions on how to overcome depression

Do something nice for another

5rftgsdfhIt does not have to be anything life-changing. It can be as simple as offering a smile, saying thank you (sincerely), helping one cross the street, or sharing your food with the beggar on the street. Any of these deeds increases your self-worth and puts a smile not only on your lips but in your heart.

Make time out

Enjoy the great outdoors. Take a stroll down the lake, ride your bicycle in the neighborhood, run around the park, drive around or out of town. A change of scenery does wonders to your disposition.

Learn to juggle

Not only is juggling fun, but it is also beneficial to brain health. Juggling specifically improves cognition and concentration.

Overcoming major depression

Major depression is more serious and requires professional treatment. If you have depression that extends to weeks or even months and if it already starts to affect your eating habits, your sleeping pattern, and your concentration, waste no time to seek a specialist. The specialist will determine the presence of a major depressive disorder through a series of diagnostic exams that include psychological assessment, mental status examination, and blood tests. Overcoming major depression may require:

Psychotherapy or counseling

5rtfdfyghIt involves interaction between the client and the therapist wherein the latter may employ behavioral and cognitive techniques that will help the client cope with the disorder.


Antidepressants are drugs formulated to control mood disorders. They have controlled drugs that require doctor’s prescription. They have to be taken with extreme caution and always under the guidance of a doctor as they can cause many untoward side effects.

Electric shock treatment

This is usually the last recourse when all else fails. The procedure sends shock waves, causing seizures. Honestly, I cannot imagine how this technique can treat depression, but it’s been used for decades with some degree of success.