2 weeks in Tanzania!

Jambo! I have just returned safely from a wonderful trip to Tanzania! There is so much to write about, including a backlog of topics I keep wanting to discuss but throwing on the back burner, but I will try to keep this fairly short.

Promoting Development through Legal Identity- Haki Network

Haki Network May 2012 White Paper - Promoting Development through Legal Identity

Introduction: page 1

Public Engagement Number 1

For my first public engagement, I visited the picturesque village of St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. Located in a beautiful setting along the scenic Rat River, St-Pierre-Jolys is a beautiful place with extremely friendly residents. I presented to around 50 high school students from École communautaire Réal-Bérard - a French school. 

Deadline for Abstract Submissions - Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection Conference

Date and Time: 
Wed, 2012-02-01 10:00

Abstract submissions due for the 5th Annual Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection Conference (Poverty, Rural Development and Social Policy).

For more information regarding the conference itself, please click on the announcement in the Conference Group.

Chase Bank Enablis ILO Business Plan Competition 2011

The Chase Bank Enablis ILO Business Plan Competition 2011 which conculded on Friday 28th October 2011 is an amazing competition and is a platform for Kenyans with business ideas to realize their dreams. This was the third year that the competition was held. The competition is run by an organization called Enablis. Enablis Entrepreneurial Network is a member-based organization that exists throughout the African continent. Enablis was launched at the G8 meeting in 2002 and founded by Accenture and Telesystem, in collaboration with the Government of Canada.

Youth Employment- stories of hope and faith

Youth Employment and our global community

My fellow YEN Associate, Katherine, recently wrote a brilliant blogpost entitled 'Youth unemployment and civil unrest' (click here to read the blogpost) wherein she cited the role of Youth Unemployment in the youth-led riots and protests that plagued the United Kingdom these past weeks to highlight the importance of Youth Employment initiatives in the present international security landscape.

NYEP Week 5: Wrestling with Worldviews

I divided my energy between various tasks again this week as Nuru and I continue to await budget approval from the National Coordinator for my visits to the NYEP Regional Offices. I welcomed this time to immerse myself in various different tasks related to YEN and NYEP. 

Private-Public Partnership

Operation Moto Wa Nyika (Wildfire)

Since arriving at the ILO office in Dar, I've been hearing the words Kazi Nje Nje over and over. A direct translation means "work outside", but in context, its much more than that. Kazi Nje Nje is a program thought up by my colleague Mkuku, a Tanzanian man very passionate about youth employment. To him, it means easily accessible work for anyone who has a dream, or wants to be an entrepreneur. Its about breaking down barriers and changing the mentality that starting your own business is too difficult.

Blogs I read

Hello Associates,

In my downtime I like to read blogs about how to improve international aid. Here are a few that I recommend:

World Bank - Development Impact

AidWatcher (William Easterly)

Professor Chris Blattman

Rights-based approaches to development

Content of folder:

*Support for human rights-based development - reflections on the Malawian experience - Banik

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