Common health issues that can ruin a marriage


Although marriage is something that a man and a woman should cherish for the rest of their lives, there are some instances that can ruin it. One of which is conflicts or misunderstandings. Many husbands and wives all over the world spend most of their time fighting every day. Instead of trying to resolve the issue, they opt just to walk away.

But this is not the only cause of broken marriages. It could also be due to money, infidelity, abandonment, and many more. In fact, some health issues can even ruin a marriage.

What are the common health issues that can end a marriage?

Some may not believe this, but, yes, there are some health problems, either with the wife or husband, that can put an end to a happy marriage.


Let us take a closer look at some of the most common problems.

Premature Ejaculation or PE

Premature ejaculation is a health condition that affects a lot of men. To define it, it is when a guy ejaculates sooner that what is supposed to be, or until he can satisfy his partner. Studies have shown that this problem may originate during the adolescent stage – when men start to masturbate, and they have no one to satisfy but themselves. As a result, they tend to ejaculate too quickly during an actual sexual intercourse, leaving a dissatisfied partner.

So, what happens? Some women try to find somebody who can please them in bed without having to worry about Premature Ejaculation, and this could be an irreversible problem between a man and woman.


Being referred to as “obese”, “fat”, or “overweight”, could be really downgrading. But don’t you know that some couples even fight over this matter. If you let yourself go, your partner may no longer find you attractive. Also, you may not be able to do the things that you used to do with your spouse whether it be in the bedroom or outdoor activities.

Aside from being a huge threat to your marriage, obesity can also lead to other more diseases like high blood pressure or hypertension, high cholesterol, heart diseases, and even depression.


Loose vagina

Another health issue that can potentially ruin a marriage is a loose vagina. If men have to worry about Premature Ejaculation, women also have to worry about having a slack pussy. As we all know, a guy, in general, prefers to make love with somebody who has a tigher vagina. And if a wife has already let herself go and has neglected her vaginal health, then the husband may wander around and start to do activities outside the marriage.

So, if you are one of the ladies who are desperate to keep their lady parts tighter, go to, and learn more about the best solution to this problem.

Causes And Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism And How To Reduce Them!


Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid is overactive. There are several reasons that can cause hypothyroidism grave disease. One of the most common causes of hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune disorder disease.

The body, in this case, makes an antibody protein to protect against a virus or bacteria. The body becomes overprotective for the thyroid gland and produces much thyroid hormone. When this happens there are signs of restlessness, sweating, losing weight, feeling hot, heart racing, high blood pressure, and some others.

How to avoid

Gluten free diet

tgyxchjThere’s no strict diet as such but what we eat and use does matter. Let’s have a look at the things we should avoid or use differently. In your diet, have fewer carbohydrates and avoid all gluten. Other food intolerance comes from wheat, and most dairy products, except goat, sheep, and cows milk. It is important to follow a grain free diet, go gluten-free and avoid soy. Avoid processed foods ; they have too many sugars, preservatives and Trans fats (bad fat). This also includes any takeaway and commercially cooked foods; they also contain trans fatty acids and more.

Avoid caffeine and other stimulants

Avoid caffeine and other stimulants, as well white bread, and pasta. Removing heavy metals and carbon-based toxins such as pesticides and herbicides this better be done before starting this type of diet or taking any supplements.

Avoid plastic containers

In the kitchen, change all plastic containers to glass or ceramic. Food should never be stored in plastics, not even water. Most plastics contain Bisphenol (BPA) which bleaches into the food and affects the thyroid.

To make that difference

tfghsdfbTo treat any illness with a diet the natural way is a matter of selecting the correct ingredients to target that specific concern. Any such diet needs a variety of minerals, vitamins, etc. The right combination will give the body what it needs to heal; this combination is then selected and will change to whatever illness being targeted.

These are foods to help ease hyperthyroidism grave disease symptoms; the right diet can cure or prevent hyperthyroidism. A good diet plan should include foods high in protein, B vitamin and iodine is often recommended by herbalists, also been followed up with lithium with good results.

Good Posture In The office: More Important Than You Thought


We are usually on our best behavior at home, eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of rest. However, many of us do not carry these practices over to the workplace, instead of snacking on junk food, remaining sedentary all day, and working more hours than we should. Sedentary practices, in particular, are harmful because they often lead to serious health issues. Getting up and moving around periodically and exhibiting good posture when seated and walking have positive effects.

What is good posture?

Proper posture makes a person appear confident, but it also helps the body function properly and can prevent back pain. Slouching and stooping make it difficult for ligaments and muscles to balance the body, which may result in headaches, back pain, and other issues. Good posture helps the back maintain its natural curves, stabilizing and strengthening the spine.

6zx5tgyhuWhen standing, pull in the abdomen, relax the shoulders and pull them back, and let hands hang at the sides naturally. Keep your feet hip distance apart and balance weight evenly. Relax the knees and do not tilt the head because this causes the spine to shift. Practice good standing posture by placing the buttocks, head, and shoulder blades against a wall, limiting the amount of space between the wall and the back to the thickness of your hand. Maintain this posture when walking around the office.

Spending most of the day seated does not eliminate the ability to practice good posture. Select an office chair that allows both feet to rest flat on the floor while knees and hips are level. Sit back in the chair to ensure that it supports the curve in the lower back. Stretch the top of the head to the ceiling and tuck in the chin slightly. Relax the shoulders and keep the neck and upper back straight while working.

Why is good work posture important?

Improves breathing and air flow

So what is the Importance of good posture in the office, apart from reducing aches and pains? One benefit is that it helps improve breathing and airflow through the body. By straightening your body, the airways are less restricted, and the lungs can work to full capacity. So a good posture will help you take in more air and feel better as a result.

Purely aesthetic

Another advantage of good posture is purely aesthetic, but it can also help you feel good within yourself. Many of us, while sat at a desk or when standing, slouch without really realizing it. However, good posture helps us to look taller, leaner and much better; this not only makes us feel better but presents a better image to others too.

Prevents chronic diseases from office tasks

edxczxfgvExhibiting good posture prevents writing, typing, and other repetitive tasks from causing chronic health issues. Good typing posture reduces pressure on inactive back and shoulder muscles and gets the blood flowing to active muscles. Slouching and keeping arms away from the sides can lead to joint and muscle pain and loss of feeling in the arms.